3 Things to Concider When Buying a Pool Fence

When it comes to deciding on a fence for your pool the three areas to first consider are form, function and budget. Form of course being materials used and styles chosen to suit tastes. Function encompassing all aspects of pool fencing in general and of course making sure that it conforms to Australia’s exacting safety standards. Budget will naturally dictate in which combinations the preceding two areas will be realized. So having first made a list with these three heading, you can now proceed to get a better picture of the kind of pool fencing that will best suit your needs.

With the incredible amount of choice available in materials these days, perhaps the greatest difficulty you will encounter will be making a decision on the type of resources you will use. Wood fencing whilst sturdy will require the most amount of yearly up keep and is generally used when the pool area is not the focal point of outdoor entertainment and pursuits. Aluminium tubing is a very common and can be found on most pools since the introduction of the law in Australia of mandatory safety fencing of all pool areas. Whilst aluminium is generally considered to be the industry standard its lack lustre appeal has many looking to other materials and sources.

One of the newer emerging and contemporary looking pool fencing options available now is of course glass. With a range of styles including framed, semi frameless, frameless, fully frameless in channel and also the above with an added glass balustrade as an option, glass fencing ticks all the boxes in the form category.

As for function there is still quite a bit more to consider than it obviously sounds; a fence is a fence is a fence is a fence? Not so, as mention, Australia has very exacting and stringent pool fencing laws and safety standards. The key to making sure that your pool fence meets these requirements lies in finding a builder that has all the correct safety and standard certificates. The other function that needs considerations is what use you wish to get out of your pool area, is it to be an oasis of calm or perhaps the hub for all your outdoor activities. In the first, your pool fence choice would be one that closes and contains the pool in privacy; in the second the function of the fence would be to clearly define a specific area for entertaining. Once you better understand your requirements, you can tackle the biggest question, that being one of budget.

Budget, how much do you wish to spend versus how much will it cost? Money, ah the rub, where this used to be a much more trickery question, to both ask and answer, today with the internet at your fingertips it could not be easier. Just enter into any search engine ‘pool fencing’ and you will be inundated with places you can start looking to help better define your answer. With the net opening up much more competition in so many niche markets, you should be pleasantly surprised at the range of quality option offered at realistic prices. It really is that simple, so start you list, get a clear picture of your needs and get online, you will be sure to find the pool fence you desire, need and can afford.

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