D.I.Y Glass Pool Fencing

When my husband and I decided it was time to get a new pool we then also had to consider a new pool fence. I imagined that it would be quite an effort. My husband and I already having had accomplish many of our own D.I.Y. and as many renovation projects, some that required the finding and hiring of skilled and competent tradesmen. What with deciding on styles, companies and quotes; and of course the fact that it would be all left up to me, I wasn’t happily anticipating the mountain of work that was sitting in front of me. So I started what ended up being one of the most painless house projects that I have ever embarked upon.
Knowing a new pool fence was what we needed, wasn’t the same as knowing which kind we wanted. The internet to the rescue, how easy to be able to compare the plethora of style and designs at the click of a mouse button, the internet really makes all shopping a joy.. While we were unsure of what we wanted we were definite that we didn’t want the run of the mill, keeping up with the Joneses standard beige aluminum pool fence. Also a wood one we knew would look too heavy as we have a beautiful look out over forest and mesh or chicken wire was so the Sixties. And then we saw it, the perfect solution, Glass Pool Fencing. But even better Glass Pool Fencing Gold Coast where we and our pool live, ha.
The company we used offered a DIY version which just involved ordering the materials, as this was something we had never done before and it did have to comply with government regulations, we thought it would be much harder than it actually was
We decided to go with the frameless option as we think it looked great, all that was involved was installing what they call spigots to the concrete the glass is then held in place by these aluminum spigots.
I think if we did it again though we would probably go the fully frameless option as this would have been cheaper again and apparently even easier. All you have to do is leave a channel in the concrete as it is getting laid (which we found out too late), then you just put the glass in and fill with grout to keep it in place, making sure it’s level as you go.
We couldn’t be happier with our new glass pool fencing; it came in on time and budget and really highlights for us one of the favourite features of our home. We know that we will be enjoying our new fence for many years to come.
If you are looking at pool fencing I would recommend going for glass, it really adds value to your home as well as being very aesthetically pleasing, add the pride you get looking at it when you have installed it yourself and it’s a winner.

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