Frameless pool fencing

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

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Design and Specifications

Depending on your requirements and any specific design you might have in mind, we can install glass panels of various thickness: 8mm, 10mm, or 12mm. As we supply only superior quality materials, our fencing panels are made of toughened glass approved under Australian safety standards. We have panels in different shapes and sizes for you to choose from. Our contractors can also perform custom glass fabrication jobs to match your situation.

Frameless glass pool fences are held together by mini-posts called spigots. We use heavy-duty spigots made of stainless steel or powder-coated aluminium. We also have available glass gates in various sizes, hardware, and various configurations. All gates are self-locking in compliance with newly introduced Australian pool safety laws.

Saftey Regulations

Pool Safety is a big Concern especially for the Queensland Summer. As weather heats up the water beckons Queensland residents and visitors outside.

Pool season can be lots of fun, but each year too many children lose their lives in the water due to poor safety protocols. We have a large number of pools in Queensland which should allow for a great degree of control over water safety, unfortunately this opportunity isn’t always seized by homeowners and shared pool operators, which results in tragedy for too many family’s. In recent reports released by the Royal Life Saving Society, deaths and non-fatal injuries related to unsafe swimming have climbed especially high in recent years, with young children being most at risk for drowning and other accidents. The Queensland Government has answered the call for better safety regulations to save lives and standardize regulations on local pools. The new laws are largely committed to making common pool safety features more adequate to the task of keeping people -and especially children– out of harm’s way. It is now mandatory for all privately-owned outdoor pools as well as shared swimming areas, to use pool fencing and equipment which has been recommended for many years. Owners will now be responsible for ensuring their fences are up to code with relevant inspections and certificates.

Increase the value of your home

We offer great prices on semi-frameless and frameless glass pool fencing Brisbane and nearby areas. Southeast Queensland Glass installs high-grade frameless glass pool fencing designed to meet the strictest Australian standards. We build beautiful glass pool fences engineered specifically to match the design of your swimming pool Every component of our frameless glass pool fencing system complies with the most stringent safety standards. Whether you need us for a residential or commercial project, our contractors seamlessly combine aesthetics and functionality in a cost-effective system to improve the value of your property.

Frameless glass pool fencing provides unobstructed panoramic views of the pool and the surrounding environment. Perfectly safe and legal, this type of glass fencing serves to provide you the ultimate environment of luxury and relaxation. Aside from maximum enjoyment, you are also secured with the knowledge that your pool area is completely accident-proof especially if there are very young children in the house. Southeast Queensland Glass installs glass panels that not only look great with any pool design but are also tough enough to withstand strong winds and impact.


The D.I.Y specialists

South East Queensland Glasses products, cost effective and shipping and quick service make them a trusted source for major semi frame less balustrade, frame less balustrade, semi frame less pool fencing and frame less glass pool fencing for builders undergoing large commercial projects right down to family D.I.Y projects all over Australia. South East Queensland Glasss self installed systems can be seen in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane and most major townships in between. All you need do is call in your project measurements and we they do all the working out for you. The package is contained in the same  top quality crates in which the glass is shipped from overseas and packed with each sheet divided and guaranteed to arrive in top condition. Our prices are so cost effective we can normally save you thousands. even with the shipping costs taken into account. We provide a detailed plan of how to erect your fence and offer full time phone support during your build. We strive for your satisfaction to remain an industry leader as we are a family owned business and the largest percentage of our work comes from word of mouth.

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