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Frameless Glass Balustrading

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Enhance your home  

Glass is a great way to enhance your home, especially the pool area, which is required by local laws to be enclosed using a safety barrier. Composed of horizontal or vertical sheets of toughened glass panels, frameless glass balustrades provide an elegant and modernistic appeal, which is why it is in high demand in Queensland where safety pool fencing is required.

To ensure that your balustrades comply with local building standards, you should seek the help of professionals such as Southeast Queensland Glass  They have fitted hundreds of homes with glass balustrading. All the materials that they use are of superior quality and they build pool fences that comply with the new standards on pool safety.

One of the strongest advantages of having this type of installation is its low-maintenance feature. With the occasional wiping down using water and a simple cleaning agent, you can keep the glass barrier looking good as new. Frameless glass balustrades, characterised by no discernible fittings or joints, play perception to your advantage. If used as pool fencing, the swimming pool is enhanced by enabling unobstructed views of your outdoor landscaping and overall surroundings

Balustrades Before and Now

In the past, balustrades were popularly made of wood and metal. Ever since modern architecture and design brought glass into the picture, the demand for frameless and semi-frameless glass balustrading steadily grew for the beauty and function they bring to homes and commercial buildings. Whether for domestic or commercial use, the design value of glass balustrades could not be denied. Glass may seem fragile but the development of toughened glass has changed this. Glass balustrades give out unmatched strength and durability in compliance to the balustrading regulations.

Glass balustrades are supported by Various components that hold the glass panels and glass balustrade fittings rigidly together. These include shoe mouldings, panel clips, and balustrade rails. The panels are made of toughened glass designed to withstand strong impact and polished around the edges for safety. The glass panels may be straight or curved to fit the shape of your pool.

Shoe moulding, either made of aluminium or other metals, provides ground support for the glass balustrades. The panel clips help attach the mouldings to the glass panels. Cap or hand rails are the final touch they are available in various colours or designs and make the balustrades look more attractive


Expert installers in Queensland

Southeast Queensland Glass as mentioned earlier, has been fitting homes in Queensland with glass pool fencing for the past several years. As a leading glass pool fencing contractor in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and the entire country, all glass fencing installed are guaranteed tough, functional, and aesthetically appealing. While they offer the best kind of workmanship and customer services, they also offer competitive glass pool fencing prices, so you get maximum returns on your investment.

They offer customised solutions to meet the customers needs. This will help you get a pool fence that improves the value of your home. With South east Queensland Glass, you can be sure that your investment will be worth every cent! So if your in the market for a new pool fence and are looking at different options contact us today and find out what we can do for you, with an obligation free quote you will be surprised at how affordable this option can be.


The D.I.Y specialists

South East Queensland Glasses products, cost effective and shipping and quick service make them a trusted source for major semi frame less balustrade, frame less balustrade, semi frame less pool fencing and frame less glass pool fencing for builders undergoing large commercial projects right down to family D.I.Y projects all over Australia. South East Queensland Glasss self installed systems can be seen in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane and most major townships in between. All you need do is call in your project measurements and we they do all the working out for you. The package is contained in the same  top quality crates in which the glass is shipped from overseas and packed with each sheet divided and guaranteed to arrive in top condition. Our prices are so cost effective we can normally save you thousands. even with the shipping costs taken into account. We provide a detailed plan of how to erect your fence and offer full time phone support during your build. We strive for your satisfaction to remain an industry leader as we are a family owned business and the largest percentage of our work comes from word of mouth.

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