Glass Pool Fencing

Glass Pool Fencing

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Know the laws and requirements

Before constructing your dream swimming pool, it would be best to check and review the government requirements for swimming pool safety. Pool owners in Australia, for example in Queensland, are required by the law to build safety barriers to keep their pool area safe from any type of mishap. The state of New South Wales was the first to adopt the new standards in pool safety. The state implements strict requirements on how pool fences should be built. Such requirements are mostly based on past experiences and new research on swimming pool safety. We know all the requirements and our glass pool fencing gold coast meets all these requirements as does all our products that we ship Australia wide.

Pool fencing laws were updated in 2010. They require the owners to have their pools inspected and registered. If their swimming pool and pool fencing meet all government requirements, the pool owners will be issued a compliance certificate, which will be valid for two years. Under the new laws, shared pools such as found in hotels and apartments require annual certification. All portable pools and home spas with depths greater than 300mm also need to comply with government requirements.

Why choose glass pool fencing

There are numerous materials to choose from when building swimming pool fences. You can build a safety barrier with wood, metal, or glass. Building the right fencing for your pool that will match your existing landscape or architecture depends on the materials that you will use. Before, metal and wood are the most favored materials for swimming pool fences, but with technological and architectural advancement, glass rose in popularity and became the latest craze.

Why is that so? It’s because of the flexibility of glass as material. Everyone knows that wood rots and metal rusts over time, but glass stays almost forever. Glass fencing is now a major trend when it comes to pool safety. It can fit any type of architectural design and landscape.

The advantages

When it comes to pricing, glass fencing plays fair. Though installation cost might add up to the package, it can be easily offset due to its low to no maintenance feature. Furthermore, technology has made it possible to produce more and more of these types of fencing systems, making them more affordable.

The glass panels being used in these glass fences are no ordinary glass but toughened glass. Toughened glass  is made through uneven heating. This process makes the glass form layers, instead of one solid sheet that breaks easily. Toughened glass isn’t unbreakable though, but when it does, it breaks into cube-like pellets instead of sharp and harmful shards.

Perhaps the greatest feature of glass fences is that they provide unobstructed views. Busy parents can have a peace of ,mind as they can see their little ones playing near the pool area with ease. Also, pool owners can enjoy their landscape due to the transparency of this style of fence.

Glass pool fences can be purchased in stores or online. If you don’t have the time to visit the shop to look for the right one, then visiting the galleries of reputable glass pool fencing companies will be more convenient. Southeast Queensland Glass for example, is a recognised company that offers affordable and quality glass pool fencing gold coast and brisbane. You can browse through their gallery and find the right one for your swimming pool!

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