Increase the Value of Your Home with Pool Fencing

With the introduction of pool fencing laws in Australia, it is Mandatory for every pool to have fencing surrounding it, that fence must also meet stringent safety guide lines.

There are a few different options when it comes to fencing from the tried and tested powder coated Aluminium which does the job it was made for,( even if it can be sum what lack lustre in the design department) to glass pool fencing which is fast becoming one of the most popular choices when it comes to pool fencing.

So what is right for you, I think when it comes to pool fencing you need to consider more than just a safety barrier. Due to the fact that a swimming is a big selling point of a house you can add real value and saleability to your home by creating a great looking out door space surrounding your pool.

Consider the plants that are surrounding your pool, although it’s a nice feeling to be surrounded by green whilst you are in a pool, as well as having a bit of shade, too many tall trees will stop the sun getting to your pool and give it a dark, cold feeling. Evergreens are a good choice as they are not going to constantly drop leaves, seeds, blossom or anything else that you are going to have to be cleaning up all the time. It’s a good Idea to consult with your local plant nursery as they with be able to help you with the best plants for the conditions of where you live and advise you on how big the plants will grow, Also which ones are low maintenance.

Do you have a decking or other area surrounding your pool, if so do you need easy access to and from more than one area of your pool; quite often it is beneficial to add an extra gate into the swimming pool.

Do you have areas that you really want to stand out or places that you really want to hide? If you have a great view from your pool or decking and don’t want to spoil the view then your best option would most likely be glass. Conversely if you have an area you would like to hide like a water tank or the neighbour’s windows then plants, shade cloths or brick walls may be your best option.

Whichever you choose, make sure it matches in well with your home and your pool if you have an ultra-modern home with marble floors you might not want to spoil the flow with any kind of fencing, so have a look at fully frameless in channel glass pool fencing, alternatively you might have dark wood everywhere and a black aluminium fence with some well-considered plants could be perfect for you. For most people budget is a big factor but consider the cost versus value, your return on your interest could be a lot greater for spend the extra money not just in the value of your property but the sheer enjoyment of a beautiful pool area in summer.

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